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Dog Castration and Spay

If you are looking to neuter your dog, be it a castration (males) or spaying (females), at Eastcott Vets we can help you!


Dog NeuteringWhat is Dog Neutering?

Dog neutering is a surgical procedure that removes a dog’s reproductive organs (testicles and ovaries), be it all of it or a considerable part of it. Neutering a dog is a routine procedure that helps prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as preventing conditions and possible diseases.

While the procedure for males is known as castration, for females it is called spaying.


What Are the Advantages of Neutering Your Dog?

Neutering a dog may offer a range of benefits apart from the obvious pregnancies. For females, spaying can help present womb infections, mammary and ovarian diseases such as cancer, as well as seasons, which can also bring uncomfortable feelings and changes in their behaviour.

For males, castration can help prevent potential testicular cancer, as well as minimise the risks of other prostate problems such as hyperplasia (also known as enlargement). A dog castration also may help with unwanted behaviours such as humping.


When is the Best Time to Neuter a Dog?

The majority of dogs can be neutered from 6 months old but the best time to neuter your dog may vary according to their unique requirements, and therefore consulting a veterinarian is the best option. Here are some considerations:

  • Dog breed: Smaller dogs may be suitable for neutering from 6 months, while bigger breeds may require a later procedure.
  • Dog weight: If the dog is in good shape, castration may take place, but overweight dogs may need a more careful eye as they are at a bigger risk of complications.
  • Dog Behaviour: Usually neutering a dog can help prevent unwanted behaviours, but unfortunately the opposite can also occur. If a dog already presents nervousness, it might be better to consult a specialist first.
  • Female Seasons: Different from males, females may be suitable for spaying 3 months after their first period (which may occur around 6 months old).
  • Dog Health Conditions: Consulting a reliable veterinarian is key if a dog presents certain health conditions and diseases. As well as any other surgical procedure, neutering offers risks and considerations must take place depending on their current health conditions.


What to Expect After the Procedure?

Most dogs can return home just a few hours after the procedure, but it will vary in each case how long it might take, as some dogs may require a longer time to recover from anaesthetics and if they have any health conditions that need to be monitored.


dog neutering and aftercareWhat to do When We Come Back Home After Neutering My Dog?

It is very important that after any surgery, including neutering, they have some rest for the next few hours and even days. Dogs may feel sleepy and disoriented at first, but once drugs leave their body and they feel energetic, is important that they keep calm and avoid running or exercise in the next few days to avoid complications with the wound.

Normally, dissolvable stitches are used and there is no need to remove them, but a check-up may take place after a few days. If there is the need to remove stitches, another appointment may be scheduled after 1 to 2 weeks.


Other recovery care may also include:

  • Recovery diet for the first 2 or 3 days.

  • Pain management medication if needed.

  • Use of the Elizabethan collar (cone) to prevent licking depending on the case.


How Much Costs a Dog Neutering?

At Eastcott Vets, we are clear about our pricing as we want to deliver the best service as possible to all our clients. Our prices are:

Bitch Spay:

From £270,00 to £320,00 (£150,00 for lap surgery surcharge).

Dog Castration:

From £221,00 to £245,00.

We also offer a pet health plan that may include a discount when neutering your dog, together with a range of benefits and procedures included. For more information on our Pet Health For Life Plan, please click here.


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If you are looking to neuter your dog, do not hesitate to contact Eastcott Vets. Our team is highly qualified, and they love what they do!

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