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Officially a Feline Friendly Clinic! 

The Cat Friendly Clinic is an accreditation scheme run by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) and several other partners worldwide. It lays out numerous requirements regarding the ethos, design, equipment and facilities within the clinic. Importantly, it also covers the quality of care provided to cats, the level of staff understanding of cats and their needs in the clinic to successfully achieve accreditation standards.

Cat owners will be able to search for clinics that have the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic certification, as a mark of the standard of care they can expect to receive.cat friendly

Eastcott Veterinary Clinic & Hospital are proud to have achieved the Silver level of certification.

What does this mean for you and your cat?

As a feline friendly practice achieving silver award, we provide staff who understand cats and who have a gentle, caring and empathetic approach to handling cats. We have advanced hospital facilities, and an enriching environment to make you and your cat’s experience with us as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

Visiting Us

As a feline friendly clinic we have thought about the needs of your cat and how we can make their experience more positive. We offer:

  • Separate waiting area for cats & seating to allow baskets to be raised from the floor
  • Cat only hospital ward – specifically designed to meet the needs of your cat during their stay
  • Advice and tips on how to make your cat’s journey to us less stressful.
  • Topical information sheets and questionnaires for addressing common feline conditions
  • Medications specifically formulated to make giving your cat medication easier
  • Staff that understand each cat is an individual and work hard to facilitate your cat’s needs
  • Spacious consulting rooms with feline pheromone in each room to help reduce  stress and anxiety
  • Cat only consulting slots – (please speak to reception for further details)


Feline friendly staff nurse with cat

All Eastcott staff are trained to think about the specific needs of cats. We handle cats in a kind and empathetic way to make your cat feel as relaxed as possible. Having members of staff who are members of ISFM allows our practice to keep up to date on feline practice, insuring your cat receives the best possible care. 

Each accredited practice must have a ‘Cat Advocate’ who oversees the upkeeping of feline friendly standards. Our ‘Cat Advocate’ (Vet Rikki Wilson) is available to address any questions regarding the feline friendly clinic. 

Staying in the hospital

Staying in the hospital can cause some anxiety for both you and your cat. We want to make your cat’s stay as stress free and comfortable as possible.

Cats often prefer to hide & sleep in raised beds especially when they are feeling vulnerable. We provide your cat with their own ‘feline fort’ during their stay, allowing them to hide and rest in a comfy bed and feel more relaxed.

We understand that each cat is unique and can be very particular about the type of food they like. We have a wide variety of specialist diets available for your cat and any dietary request will be met to ensure your cat is satisfied. 

Your cat will have their own portfolio created during a hospital stay. This will allow us to understand their particular likes and dislikes and create a tailored approach to your cat’s care.

Understanding your cat throughout their life stages 

black kitten reaching up

Please look out for our forthcoming client evenings discussing a wide variety of feline topics.

Specialist facilities for your cat

24hr emergency care and advice, knowing your cat will receive the best care 24/7

In-house referral team, allowing your cat to receive the best care all under one roof! No stressful moves between hospitals & staff that know the best ways to get your cat back on the mend.

We hope that you and your cat will join us in celebrating this achievement and we look forward to your feedback and getting to know your marvellous moggies!



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