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Pet Vaccinations at Eastcott Vets

Pet Vaccinations are a crucial part of repelling harmful illnesses. Here at Eastcott Veterinary Clinic and Hospital we believe that pet vaccinations are a major part of responsible care for your pets. 

Rabbits, dogs, and cats are prone to a variety of illnesses, some of which are lethal. Because of the significant decrease in incidence brought about by scientific advancements and the introduction of vaccination, we strongly advise having your pet properly vaccinated.

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How do our pet vaccinations work?

Pet Vaccinations contain viruses and other infectious agent types that are safe (either dead or weakened). Upon receiving the vaccine, the immune system of the animal reacts by producing antibodies that serve as a defensive strategy. These antibodies will stop the sickness from spreading if the animal is later exposed to the actual illness.

The pet vaccinations that Eastcott Veterinary Hospital and clinic recommend will depend on your friends lifestyle, risk factors, and the most recent recommendations. With just one or two shots, modern pet immunisations provide protection against a variety of diseases. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that immunisations do not provide lifetime immunity, which is why routine booster shots for your pets are advised. It's also a great chance for your pet to have a comprehensive health examination.

Pet Vaccinations for:


Puppies receiving their first immunisations guarantee dependable protection from an early age. To allow for an early socialisation programme, a puppy's first vaccination is often administered about 8 weeks old, and a second vaccination two to four weeks later (but no earlier than 10 weeks old). Your certificate of immunisation will be given to you at the second appointment.

For ongoing immunity, the Eastcott Veterinary Clinic and Hospital advises yearly supplements. We are able to provide your dog the following pet vaccinations:

  • Parvovirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Distemper
  • Canine Infectious Hepatitis
  • Rabies
  • Leishmaniasis
  • Herpes vaccination
  • Kennel Cough 

Before receiving any vaccinations, your dog will receive a thorough health examination to make sure they are in good condition.

Learn more about dog vaccinations here 

 Pet vaccinations dog


For kittens, the initial vaccination regimen consists of two shots. Because kittens, like puppies, will have some maternal protection in their bloodstream, a second vaccination injection is necessary to ensure full immunisation. The first immunisation is given to kittens at 8 weeks of age, while the second vaccination is given three weeks later. At the second vaccination appointment, a vaccination certificate will be given.

Scheduling your cat's yearly booster shots is essential to ensuring continued immunity. We can vaccinate your cat against the following illnesses here at Eastcott Veterinary Clinic and Hospital:

  • Cat Flu
  • Feline Enteritis
  • Feline Leukaemia Virus
  • Feline Chlamydophila

We can discuss with you any kind of pet vaccinations your cat could need.

Learn more about cat vaccinations here

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Vaccination against viral hemorrhagic disease (VHD) and myxomatosis is advised for rabbits. With the introduction of our new rabbit vaccine, your pet can now receive protection against both strains of VHD and myxomatosis with a single shot instead of the two that were previously required.

Learn more about rabbit vaccinations here 

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Our team of vets at Eastcott Veterinary Clinic and Hospital are experts when it comes to pet vaccinations. Your fluffy friend will be in safe hands throughout the whole journey.

Distribute the cost of your pet's necessary medical treatment.

Eastcott Vets offers the Pet for Life Health plan, which includes an annual health check and vaccinations, including kennel cough for dogs, to help spread the cost of your pet's vaccinations.

Our Pet Health for life plan - learn more here

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