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Eastcott Vets near Wroughton have been part of the local community since the 1960s. With the aim of providing comfort and a stress-free environment for both you and your pet, we are pleased to have a friendly team of staff on hand to welcome you. It is important to us that every pet and their owner feels welcome which is why we are a member of the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine) and have gold-standard accreditation as a cat-friendly clinic.

In order for us to tailor to your pet's needs, we need to first take the time to get to know your pet a little more. When we know your pet, we can ensure we provide the best health care and treatment possible, giving them high levels of care in a friendly yet professional manner. All of our staff are highly experienced and trained and continually keep their skills and development up to date through CPD programmes.

Our online registration form is available for you to register your pet with us quickly. Once you have registered your pet, you can book your appointment online or call us on 01793 528341 to speak with the team.

Explore Our Pet Healthcare Services

Our level of care and service is first class, guaranteeing you a friendly service when you visit us with your pet.


From preventative treatments to emergency care, we offer a range of services for your pets at Eastcott Vets:

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The cost of healthcare can mount up, particularly when you get an unexpected bill from necessary emergency treatment. Because we understand this, we offer some programmes that can help you spread the cost of treatment and annual health checks so as not to leave yourself short. The Pet Health for Life plans for either cat or dog can cover the necessary costs in an affordable way. The plans cover your pet’s annual health checks, vaccinations and more. Eastcott Vets also offers exclusive discounts on other services including neutering and clippings.

As we are a passionate veterinary practice with the health and wellbeing of your pet in mind, we do all we can to help you look after your pet well. Prevention is the best form of treatment for your pet, but we understand that this is not always possible. This is why our plans have been put in place for you. We also offer some free services including dental clinics, puppy clubs and weight management guidance. On top of this, we offer advice on pet insurance!


Why Visit Chiseldon?

Wroughton is a great place for you and your dogs. It is a large village that offers a village feel to the local pubs and village life. As a place with lots of open spaces, including the town gardens and the Wilts and Berk Canal, your dog can have a run around whilst you enjoy the scenery and surrounding areas.

Coming to Swindon is the Puppachinos. They specialise in giving your dog a VIP experience full of snacks and areas to play. Find out more today!


Why Choose Eastcott Vets, Near Wroughton?

Here at Eastcott Vets, we pride ourselves on four core principles:

Eastcott Respect

Eastcott Experience

Eastcott Care

Eastcott Respect


  • An outstanding quality of care from a team that you can trust.
  • Nurse clinics for preventative treatments and advice.
  • Preventative health care plan.
  • Routine treatments such as health checks, vaccinations, and parasite control.
  • We’ll send reminders when your next treatment is due.
  • Convenient online appointment booking.
  • Emergency out of hours care, whenever you and your pet need us.
  • ISFM member and Gold standard cat friendly clinic.
  • State-of-the-art medical pet facilities.

Book Your Pet Appointment

Call us on 01793 528341 to book your appointment. Alternatively, book online with us at your convenience.

Looking for an experienced and highly trained team to care for your pet…look no further! Eastcott Vets near Wroughton has a team of exceptional staff who can provide a friendly and welcoming environment for you and your pet when you visit.

To book your appointment, you can register your pet quickly via our online form and then book at your convenience or give us a call on 01793 528341. Should you need our out-of-office emergency services, you can call us on 01793 528341 between 8:30am and 8pm weekdays.

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