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Dog microchipping is an essential part of pet ownership. A microchip could hold the key to reuniting you and your pet pooch in the event that they ever become lost or escape. In the UK, dog microchipping is a legally mandated permanent identification method for dogs.

When it comes to microchipping your dog, Eastcott Vet provides the highest-quality care and ensures the well-being, safety, and comfort of your dog. Our committed team of knowledgeable experts recognises the significance of this simple yet essential process for protecting your pet. At Eastcott Vets, we put your dog’s health and well-being first, and use the most precise and dependable dog microchipping technology available.


How Does Dog Microchipping Work?

Dog microchipping is a straightforward yet highly effective process that gives your pet lifelong identification. A tiny electrical chip, about the size of a grain of rice, is implanted beneath your dog’s skin, typically between the shoulder blades. The microchip contains a unique identification number that is registered to the owner in a centralised dog owner database.

In the event that your dog is lost or stolen, the microchip provides a simple way to identify them. Veterinarians and animal shelters can read the microchip using a handheld scanner, which will provide the animal's unique identification number. The number is then cross-referenced with the database, facilitating a quick and reliable reunion.

Dog microchipping is a crucial component of responsible dog ownership, providing peace of mind and an increased likelihood of bringing your lost pet safely back home.


Dog getting microchip at Eastcott Vets


What Are The Benefits Of Dog Microchipping

Microchipping offers several important benefits, making it a valuable practice for responsible dog owners.

Permanent Identification: Dog microchipping offers a tamper-proof, long-lasting type of identification for dogs. In contrast to collars and tags that are removable, the microchip is permanent and remains with your dog throughout its life.

Proof of Ownership: If there is any doubt or disagreement regarding the ownership of a dog, the legitimate owner can be identified by scanning the dog’s microchip and confirming the details in the database. Dog microchipping is crucial in situations involving stolen or missing dogs, disputes over custody, or situations where ownership needs to be established.

Safety and Security: Microchipping is an identifying technique that is both safe and secure. Due to its biocompatibility, implanting the microchip usually results in minimal discomfort for your pet. The procedure itself is quick and simple, typically taking no longer than a few minutes. At Eastcott Vets, all of our microchips comply with International Standard (ISO), and can, therefore, be recognised by scanners abroad.

Low Cost: The cost of dog microchipping can vary but usually costs between £25-£30. This is relatively inexpensive considering the microchip lasts a lifetime. Take at look at our competitive pricing and offers here.


What Happens During My Dog Microchipping Appointment?

A microchipping appointment is a relatively simple process. You’ll begin by filling out some paperwork that will provide our knowledgeable team of veterinarians with some essential information about your dog. After that, a member of our team will go over the process with you and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

The actual dog microchipping process involved placing a tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, under your dog's skin. Similar to a vaccination, the process causes minimal discomfort for your pooch.

After the microchip is inserted and confirmed to be working, our team will provide you with instructions on how to register the microchip. It’s important to finish this phase of the process as it links your contact information to the dog's unique microchip number. Your details are kept on the database for your pet’s lifetime, and the fee for this is included in the cost of implantation. It is important to update any changes to your contact details as soon as possible.


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Microchipping is a valuable tool for guaranteeing your pet’s safety and security. It offers a trusted method of identification, significantly raises the likelihood of pets being reunited with their owners, encourages responsible pet ownership, and enhances the overall welfare of your dog. When you choose Eastcott Vets for dog microchipping, you’re choosing to make a lifetime commitment to your dog’s health and safety, as well as peace of mind and professional care. Contact us for more information about dog microchipping or book your appointment today.

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