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Dog Annual Booster Shots at Eastcott Vets

The dog annual booster shots are necessary every year for dogs to receive the best possible defence against serious illnesses. It's the dog's lifestyle, not its age, that determines which vaccinations we provide.

Leptospirosis and kennel cough are often covered by the dog annual booster (which can be administered every six months). Every three years, however, canine hepatitis, parvovirus, and distemper vaccinations are typically required. To ensure that a dog is as protected against illnesses as possible, a yearly vaccination would be necessary.

Your dog needs to get vaccinated against certain diseases every year. This explains why our pet health for life plans, which divide these expenses into manageable monthly installments, are so well-liked. The plan also includes a variety of preventive treatments in a handy package, such as flea, worming, and anal gland expressions. Click here to sign up or get additional information if you haven't already.

Our Pet Health for Life Plan

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Is it okay if my dog has only had primary vaccines?

Some pet owners mistakenly believe that their animals are immune to disease for the remainder of their lives after receiving a vaccination. That is untrue and can cost them money in terms of their puppies health or, in the worst circumstances, result in the death of their companion. There is no better reason to book your pup in for its dog annual booster.

Another misconception from some clients is that the purpose of a yearly vaccination is solely for the pharmaceutical company's or veterinarian's financial advantage. Vaccinations for your dog should begin when they are puppies and should be continued throughout their lives with the dog annual booster shots.


How the dog annual booster can benefit the wider pet community

Protecting your pet from diseases that can be avoided is a good enough reason for any caring pet owner to vaccinate their animal companion, but there's more incentive to vaccinate the entire pet population. A lot of dog walkers, boarding kennels, and daycare centres will demand that your pet be up to date on all of its vaccinations. 

Thanks to years of vaccination compliance and proactive pet owners, many of the UK's key diseases are now very low risk. However, animals would be far more likely to catch fatal diseases if we stopped vaccinating pets and infection rates rose. This means getting the dog annual booster is more important than ever. 

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Protecting your dog for life

Most people believe that once their pet has received their vaccines for a few years, the dog will have developed sufficient immunity to not require booster shots.  

Much like humans, children and the elderly are typically more susceptible to illness and disease. Regular boosters are crucial because as your pet ages, their immune system is likely to deteriorate.   

Always keep in mind that a booster could prevent your pet from contracting an illness later in life, when its immune system is considerably weaker and less capable of fending it off. 


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Contact Eastcott Vets right now to book your dog annual booster! You can select the practice location that is most convenient for you from our three locations in Swindon. We are prepared to meet all of your pet's requirements. We also provide immunisations for rabbits and cats. 

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