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Vets Injured by Pets

Two Thirds of Vets Injured By Pets in the Last Year

Not all of our patients are happy to visit us and many beautifully behaved pets can behave very differently when they visit the
surgery. Vets responding to a recent survey described some of the injuries they had received and experiences in the consulting room:

  • Multiple deep penetrating dog bites from one episode requiring    Nervous dog
  • A&E visit, x-rays and antibiotics
  • Deep cat bites are most common, then superficial scratches
  • Almost lost part of finger following dog bite

Injuries happen; good knowledge of animal behaviour helps, but sick animals can react in unpredictable ways. People are sometimes reluctant to let us muzzle their dogs, even if we feel that we or the owners may be at risk. The surgery can be a strange and unsettling place for animals and even the most usually placid pet can become nervous. If a vet is taking precautions, such as muzzling, it is to protect everyone and to ensure that your pet receives a thorough examination and very best treatment possible in a safe environment. Many dogs that are muzzled settle quickly just through having a muzzle applied. It is not just dogs and cats that can inflict injuries. Hamsters can make very formidable patients!

It is helpful for our staff to know if your pet has shown anxious behaviour on previous visits to the surgery.

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