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Eastcott Guide Dog Edison's Pupdate

10 month detailed Pupdate from Guide Dogs -
Followed by Edison's First Birthday

"Edison is now ten months old and is about to enter his final months with Victoria, his Puppy Walker. We caught up with the pair to find out what they're working on and their plans for their remaining months together.

Victoria told us that Edison is a littel bit cheeky so you have to keep an eye on him: if you give him an inch he will happily take a mile. Other than his cheeky side, Victoria is working with Edison on using public transport; he's great on buses and trains but he does have a bit of a habit of 'hoovering' up any crumbs that have been left on the floor. He also does the same in cafes and restaurants; he's good at settling down under a chari but when he thinks that Victoria isn't looking, he'll commando crawl across the floor to a tiny morsel of food he might have seen. She's also working with him on reinforcing his recall and some dog Edison Guide Dog Puppydistractions. When he's out on a training walk, Edison is very good at walking on the lead in the correct guiding position; on Victoria's left, slightly out in front with a light tension on hte lead, but he does get a littel bit silly when he sees other dogs. Edison is very sociable and he just wants to say hello to every dog he meets.

Edison has a very reliable spending routine in place now; he uses his spending area at home prior to going our on walks and is generally clean of walks, but if he does need to go, he'll indicate to Victoria first so she can take him to a suitalble area to spend. Edison has made great progress with all of his commands too and he'll happily perform them when he's asked to. He's usually quite relaxed when he's left at home for short periods of time, although he did take a disliking to his toy box when Victoria left him recently, but that seems to have been a one off as he's usually happy to settle down himself in his bed. Victoria told us that although Edison is fine to be left at home alone, he definitely prefers to go wherever you're going, and makes this known every time Victoria or her husband open the cupboard to get their shoes and coats. We're gold that he will sit at your feet, and even on them at times, while you're getting ready, as if to say 'you're not going anywhere without  me'. Victoria told us that this happens to her husband every morning when he's leaving for work and it's very sweet.

Edison doesn't seem scared of other animals but he was a little bit baffled by the first horse he met recently. He's great around the other animals he has met; he's seen duck and chickens on Victoria's mother's farm and they regularly walk through a field full of sheep so they've had spring lambs bouncing around them and Edison was happy to leave them to their own devices. He does get a little bit distracted by pigeons in the town but Victoria can regain his focus quickly with the use of a treat,m which always works as Edison is very food orientated.

Edison Guide Dog PuppyIn a couple of weeks' time, Edison will get to experience the beach for the first time while they are away in Cornwall for a long weekend. We are sure that he will love the opportunity to have a nice run on the beach and to play in the sand. While they are there, Edison will also earn his sea legs when he will go on a passenger ferry for the first time and we're sure he'll enjoy that experience too.

Edison has now had his castration operation which he wasn't too impressed with and spent a couple of day sulking afterwards, but he's now fully recovered and has bounced back to his normal self. The hormones are still running high at the moment and he's testing the boundaries a bit; such as 'helping' in hte garden by pulling up Victoria's shrubs! Edison is doing really well with his training though, and we hope you've enjoyed following his progress. We will be in contact with you again soon to celebrate his first birthday with you, and we'll also be sure to let you know when he takes the next step onto training school".

Edison's First Birthday

Edison 1 Year Old

Hello, it's Edison here!

It's my first birthday and I want to thank you for following my progress. I will soon be starting a new adventure at my local training school. Your generosity has made it possible for me to begin my guide dog journey - thanks you!


Love and waggy tails



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