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Keeping Your Cat Safe With Vaccinations

If you are looking to vaccinate your cat and get your little companion safe from a range of preventable diseases, then look no further than Eastcott Vets for your Cat Vaccination. We offer comprehensive vaccination services designed specifically for your feline friend.

Cat vaccinations are a crucial part of keeping your cat healthy and happy. These vaccines protect them from a range of potentially life-threatening diseases, offering peace of mind for you, and a protective layer for them against feline diseases.


Kitten Vaccinations

Kitten’s Lifelong Protection with Vaccines

Vaccinations are most effective when administered at a young age. For kittens, the recommended schedule typically begins at 8 weeks old, providing a foundation for their immune system. Three weeks after the first dose, they can receive a second booster dose in order to solidify their protection against a range of diseases.

Eastcott Vets can guide you through the entire vaccination process for your kitten. Contact us today for more information or schedule an appointment now.



Recommended Cat Vaccinations

cat vaccinations

As part of our cat vaccination programme, there are a few essential vaccines that we recommend giving to your cat. These are:

  • Panleukopenia Vaccination: This highly contagious feline parvovirus spreads through contact or bodily fluids, leading to severe diarrhoea and compromising the immune system's integrity, leaving cats vulnerable.
  • Rhinotracheitis Vaccination: Commonly known as "Cat flu," this contagious herpes virus manifests symptoms such as pink eye, sneezing, fever, and potentially pneumonia. Some cats may become lifelong carriers, making vaccination crucial to prevent outbreaks.
  • Calicivirus Vaccination: While not always symptomatic, this widespread virus can cause issues such as conjunctivitis, runny nose, and mouth ulcers when it does manifest.
  • Rabies Vaccination: A fatal viral disease that affects all mammals, including cats, necessitating vaccination due to the absence of a cure.
  • Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) Vaccination: Spread through close contact, FeLV can weaken a cat's immune system, leading to a variety of symptoms. Vaccination serves as a vital measure to safeguard your feline friend's health.



Why Cat Vaccines Are Important

As well as the obvious protection that vaccines can offer against life-threatening diseases, there are a few other reasons why you should vaccinate your cat. These may include:

  • Protecting other animals: When your cat is vaccinated, it will also prevent the disease from spreading, as your pet will likely not fall ill and therefore will not spread viruses. By vaccinating your cat, you will help protect your neighbourhood animals, as well as wildlife.
  • Keeping your peace of mind: Knowing your little friend will be safe from a range of life-threatening diseases, will help you to keep peace of mind, whether when going for a walk with your cat, or when in contact with other animals.
  • Reduced costs with health care: When your cat receives vaccinations, it will probably save you from spending money on treatments and diagnosis, by preventing them from falling severely ill.
  • Convenience when travelling: Many cattery facilities often require cats to be vaccinated, so in case you need to go out for a few days and leave your cat in a trusted caterer facility, then vaccination may be a great ally.


Cost Of Cat Vaccinations

While the cost of vaccinations may be a consideration, it's important to weigh this against the potential financial costs of treating preventable diseases. Here at Eastcott Vets, we aim to provide transparent and affordable vaccination services for your cat.


Cat Vaccination prices:

Cat Annual Booster Vaccinations & FREE Health Check - £72.13

Kitten Packages (Including Vaccination Course & FREE 4 Weeks Insurance, Flea & Worm Treatment, Microchip) - £80.02

At Eastcott Veterinary Clinic & Hospital we offer a comprehensive health plan designed to keep your cat safe and up to date with their vaccines and routine checks. Our Pet Health For Life plan includes a variety of services and offers discounts on additional treatments for just £17.00 a month. It includes:

  • Annual health checks and vaccinations
  • All year-round flea, tick and worming treatment including ear mites in cats
  • 2 x consultations with a Veterinary*
  • 2 x consultations with a Nurse*
  • 10% off neutering
  • Microchipping
  • Nail clipping** (as required, subject to availability)
  • Anal gland expression** (as required, subject to availability)

For more information about our prices, please click here.


Schedule Your Cat Vaccination Today

Contact our team to book your cat vaccination today. If you have any questions, we are sure that our staff will be happy to answer and help with anything needed.

Call us at 01793 528341




*Terms of service apply. Click here for full terms of service.

**Nail clipping and anal gland expression will be provided when appropriate and as part of a wider appointment.

Why does my pet need to have vaccinations every 12 months?

Depending on the disease that your pet is being vaccinated against, the period of time that they are protected will differ. Certain diseases, such as leptospirosis in dogs and flu in cats only carry around 12 months protection, which is why a yearly booster is recommended. Even though you pet might be being vaccinated every 12 months, it is not always against the same diseases – your vaccination card will show you which diseases they are getting boosters for each visit. Visiting us every 12 months for vaccinations also means your pet gets a full annual health check, which is equally important!

Does my pet need to be vaccinated if they live inside?

Although your pet may not go outside, it is still possible for diseases to be brought into the house. This could be via soil on a dirty boot or via other wildlife that could enter the home. Therefore, having full vaccination can provide the protection needed for all circumstances, meaning you don’t have to take the risk.

I have heard that pet vaccinations are risky and to avoid them – is that true?

Any veterinary procedure that is performed can carry some sort of risk, however in the case of vaccinations, it is important to remember that for the majority of pets the benefits of being vaccinated greatly outweighs the risks. Vaccination reactions are rare and where they do occur, they are mostly short-term and mild. Reactions of this nature show that the vaccine is effectively stimulating the immune system. The team at Eastcott Veterinary clinic and hospital are always happy to talk to you about the benefits and risks associated with vaccinating your pet to help identify the most suitable strategy as part of their wider preventative healthcare programme.

Are there any schemes/offers to help with covering the cost of my pets’ vaccinations?

Our Pet Health for Life plan offers the best value way to vaccinate your pet to ensure they have the preventative health protection they need over the course of their lifetime. Being a member allows you the opportunity to spread the cost over 12 months whilst also receiving discounts on other services at Eastcott Veterinary clinic and hospital.

If you would like further information on vaccination programmes for your pet, or our Pet Health for Life plan, please contact us.


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