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Pet Sound Therapy

Added on 03 December 2018

Sound Therapy and Desensitisation in Dogs and Cats

Some pets are particularly sensitive to sounds and can become quite distressed when they are exposed to them. It Sound desensitisation in petsis possible to desensitise them using a carefully tried and tested method of playing sound recordings in a controlled manner. Vets Sarah Heath and Jon Bowen developed the Sounds Scary, Sounds Sociable and Sounds Soothing programmes and now off them free of charge via the Dogs Trust. Sarah Heath and Jon Bowen are experienced in the field of pet behavioural therapy. All the products have been scientifically researched and come with a full set of instructions, which makes them easy to use and extremely effective.The Sounds Scary range includes sounds such as fireworks, thunder, gunshot, traffic, domestic noises babies and children. 

Visit the Dogs Trust Sound Therapy Website Page


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