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Skin Disease in Dog and Cats

Added on 03 August 2018

Did you know that dogs and cats can get skin allergies similar to eczema in humans?

The most common allergies that we recognise in dogs and cats are to fleas, their food or to house dust mites and Dog with skin disease Swndon Vetspollens. An allergy to house dust mites and pollens in dogs is called atopic dermatitis. Often pets affected by this condition will itch, lick or chew excessively especially during the spring and summer months when the pollen count is high. The most commonly affected areas are the face and feet. The good news is that although this condition cannot be cured it can be well managed in the majority of patients with various different medications. We are even able to perform an allergy test to try and identify what your pet is allergic to and make up a special vaccination called immunotherapy to help manage their condition which works in 60-70% of dogs. If you have noticed that your dog is licking its feet or scratching more than usual, mention it to your vet.


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