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Encouraging Cats to Drink

Added on 02 August 2018

Tips on encouraging cats to drink more

Cats can be quirky eaters and also quirky drinkers. It is important for them to drink sufficient quantities, particularly if Encouraging cats to drink morethey are prone to kidney or urinary disease. Whilst many of us provide our cats with milk, it is not a natural thing for cats to drink and they don’t digest it well. Water is much better for them
To encourage them to drink more, here are some handy tips:

  • Cats like to lap from a full bowl! Keep bowls filled to the brim
  • Some like to drink from a running or dripping tap
  • Consider a pet water fountain
  • Refresh water regularly. We all know how unpleasant a glass of water can be when it has sat overnight
  • Some prefer rainwater (this can also apply to dogs)
  • If your cat is not a great drinker and you need to increase their fluid uptake, consider changing from dry to wet food
  • Consider the location of the water bowl. It should not be near to a litter tray for instance
  • Have more than 1 water bowl available throughout the house in warm weather particularly
  • If giving milk, consider switching to ‘cat milk’ which can be purchased from pet shops and is digestible


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