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Train hamsters not to bite

Added on 08 December 2016

Hamsters - Don't They Bite?

We train our dogs not to bite, so why not our hamsters?

It is all down to your early handling. It can take just days and sometimes only hours to tame your hamster. New

Albert the Hamster
Albert the Hamster

hamsters are often very nervous in their new surroundings so allow them a little time to settle when you bring them home.

Tips for taming your hamster:

  • Try not to be deterred from handling your hamster if you get bitten the first few times you handle them. A few nips early on are very normal. The worst thing you could do is to become frustrated, put them back in the cage and stop handling them
  • Don’t wake your hamster up! Wait until they have naturally woken up
  • Always let your hamster know that you are around and do not surprise them from behind. It can be helpful to rub your hands in their unsoiled bedding so that you smell familiar
  • Scoop your hamster up and cup them in your hands. Do this over a soft surface or your lap in case you drop them or they jump out of your hands
  • Allow your hamster to walk from hand to hand, placing them back down on a surface from time to time. This lets them know that whenever they are handled, they will always be put back
  • If they jump out of your hands, pick them back up. Similarly, if they bite you, stay calm and pick them back up
  • When you are handling your hamster, giving them a few treats will provide positive reinforcement. Try to avoid feeding treats through the bars of your cage as future misplaced fingers may be mistaken for food
    After a few days of doing this for a few hours you will notice a different hamster who is desperate to come out of his cage for a cuddle.
    Hamsters can make good pets for children and adults alike!
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