Paracetamol Poisoning in Cats

Added on 05 December 2016

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Paracetamol Poisoning in Cats

Paracetamol, a simple over the counter medication, is used frequently by people managing pain, but did you Paracetamol poisoning in catsknow that the drug is highly toxic to cats? Just one tablet can cause death in some cases. It is advisable never to give cats or dogs human medication as they can react very differently to you and I. Paracetamol comes in many different forms and all can harm our pets. This includes liquid formulations designed for children, tablets and powders. Although a curious cat may nibble a paracetamol tablet if it is left in reach, sadly the majority of paracetamol poisoning cases are caused by well-meaning owners giving part or a whole tablet, or a few millilitres of a paracetamol containing suspension to their cat. It is important not to treat pets with medications intended for humans. If you pet is in pain, please contact us so that we can investigate the cause and prescribe a suitable pet safe medication if required.

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