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Harvest Mites in Pets

Added on 14 October 2014

Harvest Mites in Pets

Harvest Mites In the autumn, a few seasonal critters may start to make an unwelcome appearance. Harvest mites (Neotrombicula Harvest Mites on a dogs pawautumnalis) are small non-contagious mites that can affect cats and dogs in the UK. They look like small spiders and are found on rotting plant material, so are more common in rural areas (forests and grasslands). They are small but can be seen with magnification. They don’t technically ‘bite’, but once on a host they secrete enzymes which break down skin cells which they then feed off. The harvest mites are bright orange and cluster together, usually gathering between the toes or in the folds of ears. Infestation can cause itchiness (chewing feet), hair loss and can sometimes make your pet’s skin red. Left untreated this could cause your pet to get secondary problems such as skin infections. The signs can be present even when the mites have left the animal. If you notice these symptoms in your pet, don’t worry there are treatments available (most in a spray formulation) to get rid of the mites and reduce the itchiness. Please do not hesitate contact us for help and advise if you are concerned.

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