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Summer 2017 newsletter for pet owners with interesting and informative topics for dog, cat and small pet owners including Seasonal Respiratory Disease, Hyperthyroidism in cats, Throwing sticks for dogs, why cats purr, warm weather and small pets, Alabama Rot updates, Microchip update and other interesting pet related content.…
Alabama Rot was suspected in a small number of dogs in the Swindon area in December 2016. 4 dogs responded to treatment, however 1 sadly died. Alabama Rot was confirmed to have cause the death in this dog in January following a postmortem. To date there have been more confirmed cases of Alabama Rot in Swindon. However confirmed Alabama Rot cases been reported in other parts of the UK so this is a timely remindeor dog owners tr fo be aware of the warning signs of Alabama Rot.…
Catch up on our latest news and pet related information in our Winter 2016 Newsletter.…
What is Alabama Rot and are your dogs at risk. Read more about what to look for and where this disease has come from.…
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