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Bailey the cat went missing on 19th November 2014. She was returned to her owner some 14 months later!. Read Bailey's story as written by her owner.…
How many do you score in our Careers Evening Quiz? The winning entry will be posted here on 13th May 2016. The winner will receive a copy of the Blacks Veterinary Dictionary. Where there is more than one winning entry, a winner will be drawn from the hat. Entries are only accepted from those who handed in completed quiz entries on the Careers Evening.…
We would like to wish a happy retirement to one of Eastcott's oldest friends, Pat Oborn.…
In February the Animal Health Trust issued a warning for dog owners to be aware that some imported jerky treats may cause kidney dysfunction.…
Join us for the launch of this insightful workshop looking at canine body language. FREE for clients of Eastcott Vets…
Do you want to pursue a career with animals? Come and meet the team and find out more.…
Catch up on our latest news and pet related information in our Winter 2016 Newsletter.…
This year our chosen charity is Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre.…
Are tortoiseshell cats really more fiery tempered that cats of other colours? …
From April 2016, every dog in England and Scotland will have to be microchipped by law.What you need to know.…
169 articles 
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