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Dressed for the Theatre - The Role of the Veterinary Nurse

Dressed for the Theatre


Veterinary nurse in theatre scubs

VN Lahni cannot cross the red line to theatre until suitably dressed!

Eastcott’s VNs (Veterinary Nurses) have a variety of roles. They play an important part in the smooth running of the operating theatres and the preparation and monitoring of patients during operations. In the Induction Room, nurses will help to anaesthetise patients and once stable they will prepare the surgical site clipping hair where necessary and ‘scrubbing’ the area using a special aseptic technique. Patients are then transferred to an operating theatre where the nurse will monitor and record the patient’s vital signs, including heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and blood oxygenation levels. They will also carefully open sterile gloves, gown and instruments for the vet who is scrubbed and ready to operate. Between operations the theatre table and equipment are cleaned and prepared for the next patient. Nurses need to know exactly which instruments are required for each procedure and ensure they are ready and sterilised for the day’s operations. In a day the nurses will care for many different patients. Not all operations are routine, they often have to cope with emergencies and animals that are critically ill. Eastcott nurses are well qualified and capable of caring for critically ill patients before during and after surgery and are supported by some very high tech equipment and facilities.

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