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Temporary Dorcan Way Night-Time Road Closure Information


Temporary night-time Dorcan Way (Edison Park Clinic & Hospital) road closure 8pm to 6am for a week beginning 23rd September 2013

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Access information for Eastcott Vets Clients and Emergency Provision - Edison Park, Dorcan Way

Dorcan Way will be closing the road off completely for resurfacing from 8pm – 6am the week beginning 23rd September. There will be access from the Eldene roundabout (as you turn left from the Hospital) during these times.

Traffic coming from the Greenbridge end during these hours (8pm – 6am), will be diverted down Drakes Way (as if heading to Tesco) and then left along Queens Drive heading towards Coate Water, then back into Dorcan Way from the Coate Water end.

We have contacted the Council to inform them of our 24/7 service and our commitment to see sick patients as quickly as possible. We also have met with the site manager from the new Morrisons development. As a result they will be putting a traffic controller at either end of the roadworks to allow our emergency patients direct access. As we have a vet and nurse on site 24 hours a day there will be no delay in regards to their attendance. 


If you are coming from Greenbridge you will be asked to inform the traffic officer that you have an emergency vet’s appointment and they will allow you through. 


We have been informed all roadworks should be complete on Dorcan Way by the end of this week. Work will then start on Eldene Drive the following week. Morrsions will be open by the end of January, access into the supermarket will be from the roundabout directly in front of our hospital.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.


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