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Eastcott Vets Sponsor The Yellow Dog UK Campaign


Don’t say ‘Hello’ to dogs in YELLOW…Some dogs need SPACE

 border terrier with yellow dog bandana


What is the Yellow Dog Campaign?

The Yellow Dog campaign helps people identify those dogs that need space. It could be that a dog is in training, recovering from an operation, being rehabilitated, unwell, in season, a bit nervous, aggressive or grumpy. Being aware of this can avoid injury,stress and confrontations.

How it works

It is simple, dogs that need space wear a Yellow Dog UK bandana or a yellow ribbon on their leads. If you see a dog wearing one, you keep your dogs close or recall them to give them space.

Where to buy Yellow Dog Bandanas & Ribbons

Eastcott Vets have bandanas in 3 sizes that can be purchased from any of our 3 surgeries. They can be bought for just £5.99 with all proceeds going to the Yellow Dog Project and our chosen charity this year, Canine Partners. Ribbons are also available for a small donation to charity.

Bandanas & Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy Calming Spray, a blend of essential oils can be applied to bandanas to help keep dogs relaxed during walks or stressful situations. They are available to those buying bandanas at the reduced price of £3.99 (RRP £6.00) - again all profits will go to charity.

Please Help!

Please help us to launch this campaign in Swindon by using a yellow bandana for your dog if it needs space and by giving space to dogs wearing them.

“Please allow these dogs some space. if the dog is in training, one incident can cause months of set backs”. - Yellow Dog UK

If you have any questions about Eastcott Vets and the Swindon Yellow Dog Uk Campaign please Email Us

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