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Calculating your dog's true age


Calculating your dog's true age 

It used to be said that you could calculate your dog's age in 'human years' by mulitplying their age by 7. This is no longer considered accurate as different breeds age at different speeds and dogs age at varying speeds at different stages of their lives. Some say that after the first 2 years the ratio settles down to 5 to 1 for small and medium breeds. For large breeds the rate is 6 to 1, and for giant breeds the rate is 7 to 1Cross breeds average a life expectancy of 1.22 years longer than their pedigree friends and cats average 12.1 years in cat years which equates to approximately 64 human years. The BBC News Magazine published an article recently showing how we can now calculate the ages of our dogs more accurately. There are not many breeds on their list but it does give an idea of how different sizes and breeds of dogs age at different rates. In a separate article readers share their stories on how their dogs have broken through the 100 year barrier. As with people diet and lifestyle will also affect how quickly or slowly they age. 


View the recent BBC News article 'Dog Years: the calculator

BBC New Magazine




How to get to 100 in 'Dog Years'

Some BBC News Magazine readers shared their secrets of how their dogs reached over 100 'dog years'


View how to get to 100 in 'dog years'

 Old dogs


Sources BBC News  & Dogstar.com

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