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Open Day & Dog Show Quizzes & Answers


Adult General Knowledge (Cat) 


Which breed of cat is notorious for their love of water?

Siamese                  Turkish                    Van Persian

How many teeth do normal adult cats have?

28                    30                    24

What is the name of the famous cartoon cat that loves lasagne?

Marmaduke       Felix       Garfield

What is a female cat called?

A Dolly       A Queen       A Princess

Which of the following is a veterinary emergency?

Your male cat is squatting over the litter tray and producing nothing

Your cat has managed to get itself covered in lily pollen and is sitting grooming itself

Your partner has mistakenly given a paracetamol tablet instead of a worm tablet

All of the above

Without which amino acid would your cat go blind?

Taurine            Lysine          Alanine

Tortoiseshell (or Calico) Cats are nearly always which sex?

Male     Female

Why do cats rub themselves up against their owner’s legs and ankles?

It’s a sign of hunger        It’s a sign of affection        It’s a way of scent marking

Which breed of cat has no tail?

The Egyptian Mau       The Manx       The Korat

Which continent are cats not native to?

Europe       Australia       Africa



Adult General Knowledge (Cat) Answers

  • A Turkish Van cat traditionally loves water
  • An adult cat normally has 30 teeth
  • Garfield is the cartoon cat that loves lasagne
  • A Queen is a female cat
  • All of them are veterinary emegencies. Many people mistake a cat squatting over a litter tray as a cat that is constipated. It is often a cat with a blockage preventing it from passing urine. This is an emergency and help should be sought urgently. Lillies and paracetamol are both poisonous to cats
  • A Taurine deficiency can cause blindness in cats. It is present in all commercailly bought cat foods
  • Tortoiseshell cat are virtually all female. Not all ginger cats are male however!
  • Cats rub themselves against their owners legs as a way of scent marking
  • The Manx cat has no tail (or a very short one)
  • Cats are not native to Australia


Cat Breeds (medium difficulty)

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Cat Breeds Quiz

 Cat Breeds Answers (no cheating!)



Adult General Knowledge (Dog) 


Which breed of dog doesn’t have a bark?

Chow Chow                      Large Munsterlander               Basenji

What was the name of the dog that went into space on the Russian in 1957

Sasha                                 Laika                                       Annick

How long is a female dog pregnant for?

 59-63 days                                    42-48 days                              70-75 days

Which breed of dog has a dark coloured tongue often bluish purple?

Newfoundland                  Chow Chow                            Beagle

How many teeth does an adult dog have (normally!)

42                                37                                            32

In France, which breed of dog is often used as a police dog

Briard                          Bouvier Des Flandres             French Poodle

Which dog is virtually hairless having hair on it head, feet and tail only?

Chinese Crested          Chihuahua                               Otterhound

How many eyelids does a dog have (per eye)?

3                                  2                                  4

Which of the following is a veterinary emergency?

A large dog with a bloating, tight swollen stomach after eating       

A dog that has stolen a box of After Eights and scoffed the lot

A dog that has just stolen the large fruit cake and scoffed the lot

All of the above

Which charity is Eastcott Vets supporting this year that trains assistance dogs for the disabled and is working closely with the Help For Heros Charity?

Canine Partners           The RSPCA                The PDSA



Adult General Knowledge (Dog) Answers

  • The dog with no bark is a Basenji
  • The Russian space dog was called Laika
  • A dog is pregnant for 59-63 days
  • The dog with dark coloured tongue is a Chow Chow
  • Adult dogs usually have 42 teeth
  • The Bouvier Des Flandres is often used as a police dog in France
  • The near hairless dog is the Chinese Crested
  • Dogs have 3 eyelids. They have 2 normal eyelids and a third that comes across the corner of the eye called the 'third eyelid' or Nictitating Membrane. It slides over the surface of the eye a little like a windscreen washer to protect it. Is is normally barely visible. It can sometimes be seen more obviously when a dog wakes up or is sleepy. If the third eyelid does not slip out of obvious sight when the dog is awake, it can be an indication of illness or a problem with the eye
  • All are veterinary emergencies. A large breed dog who bloats after food could have gastric dilatation or torsion (also known as volvulus or bloat). This is a real emergency and help should be sought immediately. Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate is toxic to dogs. A box of After Eights would contain a dangerous dose for a dog. Grapes and therefore raisins are also poisonous to dogs
  • Eastcott Vets are supporting Canine Partners this year


Dog Breeds 2 (Medium Difficulty)

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 Dog Breed Poster

Dog Breeds Answers (no cheating!)


Children's General Knowledge 


What is a female cat called?

a kitten      a queen     a vixen

Which of the following are poisonous to dogs

chocolate          sugar free chewing gum      grapes & raisins        all of them

How dogs cool down?

rolling              panting        sweating

There is a little claw part way up a dog’s leg, what it is called?

the dew claw         the paw claw          the pad claw

What strange thing do rabbits do in order to fully digest the grass that they eat?

drink a lot of water            eat their own poo         only eat grass in the morning

Which animal is the cross between a horse and a donkey?

a mole             a mule         a wonky

Which breed of dog Is commonly used as a guide dog?

Poodle               Labrador            Chihuahua

Which breed of rabbit has floppy ears?

Lop              Flop             Hop

Which charity is Eastcott Vets fundraising for this year?

Canine Partners           Oxfam              The Red Cross

What was the name of the dog that won Britain’s Got Talent?

Lassie          Pudsey           Ben


Children's General Knowledge (Answers)

  • A female cat is called a queen
  • Chocolate, sugar free chewing gum and grapes & raisins
  • A dog cools back by panting
  • The little claw part way up a dog's leg is the dew claw. Some dogs have them removed shortly after birth
  • Rabbits eat their own poo as a way of fully digesting their food
  • The cross between a horse and a donkey is called a mule
  • The breed of dog most commonly used as a Guide Dog is a Labrador
  • The breed of rabbit with floppy ears is a Lop
  • Canine Partners is the charity that Eastcott Vets is fundraising for this year
  • Pudsey was the dog that won Britain's Got Talent


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