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Speak Dog and Wagging Tails Fun Games Ring

Speak Dog Training and Behaviour will be running the Lydiard Bark Games Ring with Wagging Tails.

There will be fun and laughs in this informal 'pay and play' ring where you can compete against other dogs and their owners. Again, the emphasis is on fun. There will be tips and hints on training from Speak Dog Training & Behaviour. All proceeds will be donated to the Lydiard Bark Charity which this year is The Cinnamon Trust

Morning and afternoon competitions so that visitors can switch between show and games rings. 

  • Recall Relays - lots of fun!
  • Can you Catch - lots of fun!
  • Distraction Alley - can your dog travel the distance of distraction alley without succumming to all manner of doggy distractions? - lots of fun with 'don't work with children or animals' moments!
  • Best Trick- amazing with moments of brilliance!

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Last year's Lydiard Bark Games Ring
photo courtesy of Wagging Tails


Wagging Tails Sn Postcode at Lydiard Bark

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