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Ash Swallows a Ball

Ash Eats a Ball

Young Ash got himself into a bit of a pickle after eating a rubber ball. Thankfully his owners acted quickly and rushed him straight down to our 24-hour hospital at Edison Park. Our team quickly set to work examining Ash and taking x ray of Ash who ate a rubber ballan X-ray. The x-ray revealed the ball sitting in Ash’s stomach. Ash was stabilised and prepared for an anaesthetic and an “endoscopy”. Endoscopy is a procedure where an endoscope (A Ash Millen puppy who swallowed a balllong thin tube complete with a light source and camera) is used to examine the gastro intestinal system. The endoscope was passed down through the oesophagus and into Ash’s stomach, enabling vets to look for the ball and check for any damage that it may have caused. Our Specialist Internal Medicine vets Paul and Jenny could see the ball poking out and were able to skilfully retrieve it the same way it went down - avoiding the need for Ash to have surgery. This was a great illustration of Eastcott Vets and Eastcott Referral Specialist vets working together and sharing expertise. The mischievous Ash is now fully recovered and only has his natural bounce!


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