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Cat Food Recall Pets at Home


Pets at Home have recalled cat foods over health fears

There have been reports of sudden collapse, fitting and twitching in cats that were fed on dry food from the Pets at Home cat food recall AVA range.Three cats needed to be seen by vets just weeks after starting to eat food from the AVA range. They suffered:sudden collapse, fitting, widespread twitching and general unsteadiness. Investigations revealed the levels of thiamine were too low. Thiamine is a B-vitamin (vitamin B1) that amongst other things is essential for normal heart and brain function.

There are four products from the range that are being recalled including: AVA Adult Cat Indoor/Neutered 1.5kg CODE: 7120407, AVA Senior Cat Chicken 2kg CODE: 7120402, AVA Mature Cat Chicken 2kg CODE: 7120400 and AVA Mature Cat Chicken 4kg CODE: 7120401

Pets at Home published the following statement:

...If you have any of these products at home please do not feed them to your cat. Instead please dispose of the contents and return the packaging to any Pets at Home store for a full refund.
An investigation has revealed that, in the four affected products, the level of thiamine (vitamin B1) was much lower than we had specified. Testing confirmed only these four products are affected. We are aware of three cats which, sadly, became seriously unwell four to six weeks after switching to one of the affected products and required veterinary care. All three cats exhibited symptoms of sudden collapse, fitting, widespread twitching and general unsteadiness which are not the classic symptoms of thiamine deficiency. As pet lovers ourselves we recognise that you will be concerned about your own cat. If you have concerns that your cat may be showing any of these symptoms after switching to one of the four affected products then you should stop feeding and seek immediate veterinary advice.
You can also contact one of our customer advisers on 0800 328 4204 for general advice. They will be pleased to help. For everyone at Pets at Home the safety and wellbeing of your pet is our top priority. This is why we have taken immediate action to safeguard your cat; we always put pets first. We deeply regret that this action was necessary and apologise for any distress it may have caused.
Our colleagues in store will be happy to advise you on an alternative diet for your cat while these issues are resolved with our suppliers."


Our Vets advise any concerned owners to stop feeding the food and  to have their cats checked by a vet as soon as possible.  


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