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Updating Pet Microchip Details

Micro-chipping in Pets

We are still reading reports of dogs being found in Swindon that are not micro-chipped, or with out of date microchip details. If your dog is over 8 weeks of age, it should be micro-chipped. Please don’t think that if your dog is not likely to ‘get out’ that there is no need to have them micro-chipped. It is now a legal requirement. We read at least half a dozen reports of missing or found cats each day. If you are a cat owner, please consider getting your cats micro-chipped, especially if you have a cat that can’t keep a collar on, or one that is prone to wandering off for a day or so like the story of Six Dinner Sid (he ‘kept’ six owners!’). Many finders consider a cat that visits regularly for food a hungry stray! If this is your cat, you could find them re-homed by a well-meaning cat lover.

Making Changes to Microchip Details

From 6th April 2016, all puppies and dogs over the age of 8 weeks must be mirco-chipped. It will also be an offence not to have your dog's microchip details up to date. Whilst the new law applies to dogs and puppies only, we strongly advise the micro-chipping of cats and the same links apply for those wishing to change the details of other micro-chipped pets.

To update your details                            Beagle Puppy

To change ownership:

  • Click the link to The Petlog Website Page,  where you can download and fill in the Transfer of Keeper form
  • If the microchip number is not registered on the Petlog database then it will give you a link to either Anibase or Petrac
  •  In order to change of ownership, you may need to complete and sign a form. A charge may be made for this service

Some Helpful Direct Links 

Click HERE for the Petlog link to change your DETAILS with Petlog


Click HERE for the link to change OWNERSHIP with Petlog

Click HERE for the link to make changes with Anibase 

Click HERE to go direct to the change of DETAILS AND OWNERSHIP printable form with Anibase

Click HERE for the link to make changes with PETrac     



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