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Pet Diabetes Month November 2015 Swindon


Get your Pets to ‘Take a Tinkle’  for November’s Pet Diabetes Month! 

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We are working alongside MSD Animal Health to help make pet owners aware of the risks of sugar diabetes. Diabetes occurs because the body stops making or responding to insulin – a hormone that controls the amount of sugar in the blood. A simple urine dipstick test can show up if there is sugar present in a pet’s urine. With rare exceptions, the presence of any sugar in the urine of a cat or dog means they are likely to have diabetes. During November you can collect a free urine test kit and diabetes information leaflet from any of the 3 Eastcott Vets’ clinics.

Diabetes is a serious and potentially life threatening disease and it is affecting more and more cats and dogs in the UK. It is estimated that as many as 1 in 200 pets suffer from the disease. Like human diabetes, pet diabetes is often associated with weight gain and being less active, and older pets are more at risk. Any pet can develop diabetes at any age however and some pets are more likely to be affected than others.

When it comes to treatment for diabetes a fear of needles need not be an obstacle. An alternative to the traditional syringe and needle exists in the form of a pen; a similar device is also used in human medicine.

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Is your pet at risk of Diabetes - Click HERE to take the Risk Checker Quiz

Spaniel with stethoscope


          Tortoiseshell cat                 

Click on the relevant image and the links below to read about diabetes in dogs and cats. 

The cat photo is of Ethel, a cat that the Eastcott Nurses fell in love with, kept and nursed for many years


Diagnosing Diabetes  • Treating Diabetes • the Vet Pen


Diabetic Cataracts

Did you know that pets with diabetes can suffer from cataracts? Below is a before and after photo taken by our Ophthalmology Referral vet Ida Gilbert who regularly performs delicate Cataract Surgery. Please contact us if you think that your dog or cat may benefit from cataract surgery. As a rule of thumb, cataracts are best operated on early, as soon as effective vision is lost.

Daschund with diabetic cataract   dog diabetic cataract after surgery


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