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Caring for Hedgehogs in the Autumn


Hedgehogs at Risk of Extinction Within 15 Years

HedgehogAccording to a recent study, hedgehogs have suffered a dramatic decline with only a million of them left in the whole country. Autumn is the time to keep a close eye on the health of visiting hedgehogs. Ideally they should reach a healthy 600g (average) by late December for a safe hibernation. They can gain 100g between November and December if healthy. To supplement them, suitable foods include dog or cat food (non-fish flavour) and they also really enjoy mealworms (dried or live) as a treat. In addition they need access to fresh water – not milk, each day. Healthy hedgehogs should not be seen during the daytime. If you find one during daylight or feel that a hedgehog may be underweight or struggling approaching winter, it is important to seek help either from us or a local wildlife centre.


Read more detailed Hedgehog advice from Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cricklade, Wiltshire

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