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The Big Tick Project Swindon

tick in dog's hair

What is the Big Tick Project?

You may have seen TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham talking about the  University of Bristol’s Big Tick Project  this summer on BBC News. They are investigating rising tick numbers and the risk to our dogs and ourselves from tick-borne diseases such as Lyme Disease. If you find a tick on your pet, we would love it! We will be collecting any ticks found on dogs coming in to the Eastcott Vets Swindon surgeries and sending any ticks found to the University of Bristol for analysis. Anyone whose dog takes part in this ground-breaking research will receive a Big Tick Project certificate and help progress veterinary and human medicine.

Tick before a blood feedIf you find a tick on your dog you can bring it into the Bath Road Veterinary Clinic, our Cricklade Road Clinic or our Edison Park Veterinary Clinic & Hospital off Dorcan Way and we take some details and send your tick off to Bristol (you will receive a certificate).

Image: Tick before a blood feed

Learn how to protect your dog from ticks with Chris Packham    

TV naturalist Chris Packham produced the film below as part of the Big Tick Project. He looks at the rise in tick numbers and their potential to transmit diseases such as Lyme Disease to both dog and people. It also tells the story of two dog owners whose regular walk with their dogs turned into a life-changing battle with the disease.  



Engorged tickWant to know how to protect your dog from ticks this summer?

The options available include spot-ons (typically applied every four
weeks), sprays, collars and oral chewable formulations which can give up to 12 weeks protection. Ask our staff for more information on which product is best for you and your pet.  

    Image: Tick following a blood feed


Click HERE to read more about Lyme Disease and Tick Removal in our Resource Centre





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