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Shot Cat Rushed to Eastcott Vets for Surgery


Jack the cat shot with an airgun is rushed to Eastcott Vets with serious injuries


Jack is currently recovering at home with his owners. This is Jack's story told by his owners. 

Dear Eastcott Vets,

As you know, last Thursday evening I had to rush our much loved cat, Jack, into the 24 hour emergency vets based in Reading.
The vet checked Jack over and noticed that he had air bubbles coming out of the hole in his neck. Jack was then put under for further investigation and so he could be x-rayed. At 0200 I received a call with the bad news that Jack had been shot with an air rifle and that the pellet could be seen clearly on the x-ray, lodged in his trachea/wind pipe. Jack following surgery
Soft tissue damage was unknown, so at 7am the vet decided that we needed to get Jack over to Eastcott Vets in Swindon, to see the soft tissue specialist Tim (Jack had previously been treated by Tim when he had major surgery at 12 weeks old due to an issue with his oesophagus). Tim confirmed that Jack was in a very bad way and that his chances of survival were slim. Jack was then put under again and a CT scan was done to check for soft tissue damage which confirmed that one of his lungs had also been damaged as a result of the shooting. Jack was operated on immediately, the pellet was removed and the wound site was cleared with saline to try and prevent infection. After receiving first class medical care from Tim and the team, Jack amazingly managed to survive the first night and then the next 2 and after a few nights and days of angst, we were able to collect him from the vets on Monday evening.
Jack the cat with elizabethan collar on
The Thames Valley police (PC Mark Grave) have been excellent in supporting us with this crime and have been taking the incident very seriously. PC Grave visited us again on Monday evening (after visiting our property and the area on Sat afternoon to discuss the case and to view the surrounding area), to collect the pellet and discharge report from the vets. The pellet has now been taken to a fire arms expert who will try and ascertain how far away the pellet was when fired, the calibre of the rifle and any other forensic evidence.
Jack is currently in recovery and is highly medicated. His body has obviously undergone huge trauma, not only from the shooting but also from major surgery. The risk now is infection, so we are doing everything we can to watch him closely in this first crucial recovery week. We are fully aware that he is by no means ‘out of the woods’ yet.
Jack lying on his back
I wanted to raise this for your attention to firstly say thank you for saving Jack's life. Let's hope he pulls through the next few days. Also, I wanted to say a special thank you to Tim and the team that treated Jack. Without there excellent care and attention, Jack would not be with us today. The level of care provided by the team was exceptional. Tim was very assertive, calm, caring, reassuring and acted fast with true professionalism. Tim is a true asset to you company and rightfully deserves positive recognition in how he handled Jack.

Andrea & Jamie



Thank you Andrea & Jamie for taking the time to email us at what is a very distressing time.

Jack is still very poorly and the Eastcott team very much hope that he continues to improve and that the police are able to track down those responsible.

What sets Eastcott Vets apart

Tim Charlesworth

We have a very strong and experienced team of vets and nurses, but what sets us apart is the fact that we also have a specialist referral (or ‘consultant’) team working under the same roof. This means that should the need arise; you can be confident that your pets will receive the best possible care without the inconvenience and stress of having to transport your pet to a specialist. Not only do our referral vets see our patients but they also take difficult cases from other vets. 

Our referral vets are always available to see any Eastcott cases that would normally otherwise have to be referred elsewhere to see a specialist in the field. In fact some of our vets are recognised by the RCVS as 
specialists in their fields meaning that they not only see Eastcott clients but also take referrals from other practices who want to use our unique combination of clinical expertise and superb facilities. Our vets also host and deliver training and teaching courses for vets throughout the UK and overseas. 

Tim Charlesworth MA VetMB DSAS(ST) MRCVS RCVS Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Surgery (Soft Tissue)

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