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Diabetic Pet Carer of the Year announced

Swindon Cat Owner wins Diabetic Pet Carer of the Year

When we heard about this award there was only one person that could possibly win it in our minds. Eastcott Vet Richard Gowshall immediately nominated Audrey Cowley who cares for her diabetic cat Symba. This is no ordinary owner/cat relationship however. Read Audrey's story below.

My Companion and I

by Audrey Cowley

 Audrey and Symba

Photograph by SLN Photography based in Wootton Bassett

I have a 15 year old Abyssinian cat called Symba who has a wonderful temperament and is my constant companion. About 4 years ago Symba was diagnosed with diabetes.  It was daunting at the time wondering how I would cope with Symba giving him insulin injections twice a day plus taking blood sugar reading.

I had at the time and still do have excellent help and advice from Richard Gowshall from Eastcott Vets. 

I have Motor Neurone Disease with all the problems associated with it Symba has helped me to get through some difficult days.  It is hard work but with the support of my husband coping with Symba and his diabetes is rewarding. Symba and I have a special bond.  He has complete trust in me which fortunately allows me to administer his medication.

Dealing with his diabetes is a matter of a strict routine every day. Insulin is given 12 hours apart,  Symba’s food is measured divided into 4 meals daily and given at the same time each day,  plus periodically taking his blood sugar reading  adjusting the units of insulin if necessary.

Symba is quite a character; he rides with me up and down in my lift sitting on the seat beside me. He always wakes me up in the morning at the same time purring and with kisses. If he cannot see me he calls me, he can be quite vocal at times.  When he does find me he brings me his favourite toy. If I go out on my return his favourite toy is in the hall waiting for me.

Richard Gowshall Symba’s Vet nominated me for the Pet Diabetes Carer of the Year Award and I was thrilled to win. The award involved a Photo shoot; Symba was quite the super Star. Despite my difficulties, treating Symba gives him the quality of life he deserves which I wouldn’t change for the world. 

Click on the image below to read the article on Audrey and Symba in Your Cat Magazine  

Image of Your Cat MagazineThe Diabetic Pet Carer of the Year Award is supported by MSD Animal Health


Photograph by SLN Photography based in Wootton Bassett


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