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Missing Pets in Swindon

It seems that we are receiving more and more requests to help find missing pets. We are used to cats wandering but numbers seem to be increasing and dogs are also going missing with no trace of their whereabouts. We have information of 4 high profile pets that went missing from Swindon HERE. Please take a little time to have a look and see if you can help find out where they are.

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What can you do to keep your pets safe?

  • Micro chipping makes it easier to trace a pet’s owner if it is found and also helps prove who owns a dog or cat if this is in dispute.
  • Keep your microchip details up to date.
  • A collar and address tag can help. Use a collar with a ‘breakaway’ clasp for cats as they can get legs caught in elasticated collars.

If you lose a pet

  • Social Media – Post details on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Contact local vets and rescue homes. Vets often have injured stray animals bought in.
  • Contact the local dog warden (dogs only).
  • Register your details with Lost & Found websites e.g. Dogs Lost, Pets Located & Swindon Borough Council
  • Ask neighbours to check garages and outbuildings.
  • Consider a reward for information or return. Some pet insurance policies cover the cost of an ‘advertising and reward’.
  • Contact Swindon Borough Council, in the unfortunate event that your pet has been killed on the road they may have collected the body

If you find a pet

  • Take to local vet or rescue shelter to be scanned for a microchip
  • Contact the Dog Warden (dogs only)
  • Visit ‘Lost & Found Pet’ website pages
  • Social Media – post details on Facebook or Twitter
  • Should you stop feeding ‘stray’ cats? Feeding cats that appear in good health can encourage them to stay around rather than returning home
  • Be careful taking in a found pet if you have children or other pets as they can be unpredictable


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