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Lydiard Bark Charity Dog Show Update

Up to date Lydiard Bark Charity Dog Show 31st August 11am - 4pm information

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Nearly time for the Lydiard Bark!    

We have teamed up with Lydiard Park for the Lydiard Bark Charity Dog Show. The dog show will be family friendly with the emphasis on fun.  There will be a variety of classes to suit all breeds, shapes and sizes! There will be entertainment and doggie friendly competitions and stalls. You will be able to meet and talk to people who provide dog related services within the area. 

Lydiard Park is the ideal location for this summers day out with it's beautiful grounds and fantastic dog walks. There is also a great children's play area and BBQ & Picnic field. Make a day of it at the inaugural Lydiard Bark!   


The Classes

We have something for everyone with 12 classes open to dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

The Lydiard Bark Classes are:

  • Best Small Dog (any breed) sponsored by Eastcutt Dog Grooming (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Best Medium Dog (any breed)  - Sponsored by Lucy Pet Carer (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Best Large Dog (any breed) - sponsored by Oscars Pet Food (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Best Puppy (6-12 months) - sponsored by Pet Shed (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Best Veteran (over 8 years) - sponsored by Swindon Guide Dogs (prizes for 1st 3 places )with an addtional first prize from Pet Personalities 
  • Best Brace (2 dogs shown together) - sponsored by Royal Canin (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Dog With The Waggiest Tail - sponsored by Wagging Tails Swindon - home from home boarding (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Best Trick (dog not owner!) - sponsored by Kong Toys (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Dog with the most appealing eyes - sponsored by Woofypics Dog Photography (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Best Chlld Handler (under 16) - sponsored by Eastcott Vets & Pat Oborn dog trainer (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Face only a mother could love (dog not owner!) - sponsored by Barefoot Photography (prizes for first 3 places)
  • Best Rescue - sponsored by Nutram Dog Food via AJM Pet Products Ltd (prizes for first 3 places)

Please click HERE to see addtional prizes for sponsored classes

Please do book in early however as there will be a limit on class sizes to enable the safe running of classes and also to enable our judge to spend sufficient time judging each dog fairly.

Pre-booking has now closed, please book in on the day by visiting the Eastcott Vets stall.



The Prizes  Umbrella


  • Rosettes will be awarded to 6 places and in addition the winner of each class will receive a Lydiard Bark Brollie!
  • All classes now have sponsors and the first 3 in each classes will receive additional prizes. Please see the list of prizes and sponsors by clicking HERE
  • Each entry will receive a Lydiard Bark goodie bag



What else is going on?

Come along and have a go at CaniX 

Run with your dog over a 100 metre sprint (for free). If you are feeling fit - pay a £1 to enter the competition for the fastest time on the day with the proceeds going to PDSA Charity. It iss great fun and gets you and your dog fit at the same time.

Kennel Cough Explained
with MSD Animal Health 

Renata from MSD Animal Health will be giving talks (times to be confirmed) on Kennel Cough. She also be available thoughout the day to answer any questions that you may have on Kennel Cough.

Barefoot Photography 

"Come along and get your pet phootgraphed at the Lydiard Bark - all proceeds to charity and a fabulous prize to be won. Hope to see you there".

SNDogs Dog Walk

Join SNDogs at 10.30am for a pre show dog walk. Meeting at the Loo`s. All dogs and children welcome, but please keep them under your control and clean up after them. No charge just give a donation if you can please. Please note this is NOT training and any advice given by anyone is just a personal opinion. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Come and see Swindon Dancing Dogs and have a go

Swindon Dancing Dogs can be seen in action in the second show ring at 11.30am and 2pm. Come and see them perform and have a go yourself (with your dog of course!)

Charity Raffle

A selection of really great prizes with all money raised going to the 2 charities. Click HERE to see the prizes on offer



We currently have the following stalls booked for the show. If you would like to attend with a stall, please see our stall booking details HERE. There is plenty of space available.

Barefoot Photography*

Eastcutt Grooming*

Eastcott Vets

Guide Dogs

Kennel Cough explained with Renata from MSD Animal Health

Lucy Pet Carer Doggie Day Care & Pet Sitting

Mims and Co

Morgan's Pets

Oscar Pet Foods

PAT (Pets as Therapy) - Eastcott's chosen charity this year

Raffaelle's Ice Cream

Swindon Dancing Dogs

Swindon Needy Dogs - Dog Rescue

Wagging Tails Home from Home Boarding*

We Love Pets Dog Walking & Dog Sitting

more stalls to be added

* class sponsors


Additional prizes offered by class sponsors

  •  A Face Only A Mother Could Love class sponsored by Barefoot Photography offering a free photo shoot for 1st prize, 50% off for 2nd prize and 25% off for 3rd prize
  • Dog with the Waggiest Tail class sponsored by Wagging Tails Swindon home from home dog boarding offering 1st prize 10% off a board with Wagging Tails (minimum 5 days) and a Wagging Tails towel for 2nd and 3rd places
  • Best Puppy class sponsored by Pet Shed. Prizes will be:1st Prize: £30 Voucher and free 12/15kg food bag of choice, 2nd Prize: £15 Voucher and Trixie Lead and collar, 3rd Prize: £10 Voucher and Brand New Kong toy
  • Best Medium Dog - class sponsored by Lucy Pet Carer with prizes for first 3 places
  • Best Small Dog - class sponsored by Eastcutt Dog Groomng  with prizes for first 3 places 1st Prize Full Groom, 2nd Prize Bath and Brush, 3rd Prize Grooming Gift Bag
  • Dog with the most appealing eyes class sponsored by Woofypics Dog Photography with prizes for first 3 places 1st Prize A4 or 10 X 8 Print in a card mount , 2nd Prize A5 or 7 X 5 Print in a card mount, 3rd Prize A5 or 7 X 5 Print unmounted
  • Best Large Dog class sponsored by Oscars Pet Foods, - prizes for 1st 3 places
  • Best Trick (dog not owner) class sponsored by Kong Toys. Prizes will be £20 voucher off a Kong toy for 1st 3 places
  • Best Veteran (over 8 years)  - Sponsored by Swindon Guide Dogs with Goodie Bags for first 3 Prizes with the additional 1st Prize of an A4 Watercolour portait donated by Pet Personalities
  • Best Rescue class sponsored by AJM Pet Products Ltd. Prizes will be Ist Prize 6kg Nutram Dog Food, 2nd Prize 3kg Nutram Dog Food and 3rd Prize 100g Nutram Dog Food
  • Best Child Handler Class sponsored by Eastcott Vets with addtional prizes from Pat Oborn dog trainer. Prizes - 1st Prize £5 (donated by Pat Oborn), plus sweets, treat bag & dog treats, 2nd prize £5 (donated by Pat Oborn) plus sweets & dog treats, 3rd prize £5 (donated by Pat Oborn) plus sweets & dog treats
  • Best Brace class sponsored by Royal Canin Food - 1st Prize 14kg dog food, 2nd prize 6kg dog food, 3rd prize 2kg dog food (all vouchers)

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Eastcutt Grooming Logo  woofypics logo Royal Canin LogoKong Logo  

A huge thank you to all class sponsors



There will be a raffle on the day and the list of prizes is growing daily:

There will be more information posted when it becomes available so check in regularly!



       PAT Logo                        Prospect Hospice logo

Trader Enquiries



There is space for pet traders, pet related businesses, dog trainers, portrait painters, face painters, charities and outdoor suppliers. If you have a pet related business and would like to request a trade pitch please click here to download a form


Corporate Trader Pitch:          £75(12ft x 8ft), £100 (24ft x 8ft)


Independent Trader Pitch:      £50.00 (6ft), £75.00 (12ft)


Can't make it but want to be involved?


If you can't get to the Lydiard Bark but would like to get your company involved and noticed, you can donate raffle prizes, contents for goodie bags of offer sponsorship for Lydiard Bark merchandise, rosettes or similar. If you would like to get involved but can't make the date, please contact us ...


For more information email Lydiard Bark Team


  • Is it too late to enter? No it is not too late, we have spaces in all classes as of lunchtime on Friday. It is too late to pre-book so you will need to book in on the day. Bookings can be taken from 10.30am on Sunday. There is a limit on spaces in each class however so we may fill up quickly.  After booking in you will  receive your place token, keep this safe, this will be used to identify you and claim your goodie bag
  • I have pre-booked, what do I do on the day? - come to our big blue Eastcott stall to check in at 'Pre Bookings' where you will  receive your place token keep this safe, this will be used to identify you and claim your goodie bag
  • What time should we arrive? We will be setting up from early morn' but we would ask people to keep the show ground clear until at least 10am. Bookings can be taken from 10.30am
  • Does my dog have to be a pedigree? Obsolutely not! Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome, it is a fun show
  • I have never shown my dog before, what do I have to do? Just enter the show ring for your class and the judge will guide you. Have fun and show off a little, your dog will do the rest!
  • Can children show a dog in classes that are not 'Best Child Handler'? Yes they can but they must be able to control the dog. We would not like to see anyone get hurt. If the ring steward feels that a child is too young, they will tell you before you enter the ring
  • Can I enter more than one class? Of course, if there are spaces and your dog qualifies for a class, enter as many as you like
  • Can I go off for a walk, check out the trade stalls and take the children to play area while I am waiting for a class? Yes, but listen out to the PA for announcements. We will put up a rough running order but timings will not be exact
  • What is a 'Brace' for the 'Best Brace' class? A brace is 2 dogs shown at once (you take use a friend's dog!)
  • How old to puppies have to be for the puppy class? Puppies shoud be 6-12 months of age
  • How old do dogs have to be for Best Veteran? Dogs should be over 8 years old
  • How old should children be for Best Child Handler? Children should be under 16 years of age
  • Will there be water available? Yes
  • What if my dog has 'an accident' in the ring? There are poo bags available for any mishaps! Please also clean up after your dog within the showground and park
  • Will there be food available for the humans? Yes
  • Is there anything for the children to do between classes? It's Lydiard Park! There is masses to do,. The show ring is right next to the play area!
  • Is there anything for the grown ups to do between classes? Yes, lots! Have a go at CaniX or Dancing with Your Dog, there are also trade stands, professionals and like minded dog owners to chat to. Don't forget the raffle! There are some cracking prizes- Click here to view them
  • I have won so much I can't carry it all, can I leave it somewhere until I go home? Of course, visit the Eastcott Vets stand and we can put your prizes aside for you!

Don't forget to look out for Tracey on the Eastcutt Grooming stand, she will have brushes and combs that you can borrow for last minute primping!

Rough running order - this may change on they day - timings are approximate

10.25am Announcement for bookings opening
10.30am  Bookings Open    
11am Best Small Dog    
11.30am Best Medium Dog    
11.50am Best Large Dog    
12 noon Swindon Dancing Dogs Display
12.10pm Best Puppy    
12.40pm Best Veteran    
1pm Best Brace    
1.30pm Dog with waggiest tail  
2pm Best Trick      
2.30pm Dog with the most appealing eyes
2.30pm Swindon Dancing Dogs Display
2.50pm Best Child Handler    
2.30pm Face only a mother could love  
3pm Best Rescue    
3.30pm  Raffle Draw    
3.30pm  Prize for CaniX competition (to be confirmed)    
4pm  Show ends    

CaniX will be running a competition throughout the day where you can try your hand at running with your dog for the best time, plus you can try your hand at doggy dancing with Swindon Dancing Dogs. You can also meet and talk to the Eastcott Vets team throughout the day or talk to Renata from MSD Animal Health, she can answer your questions on Kennel Cough and other pet related issues.

 If you have further questions, we will be monitoring our Facebook page so you can post them there right up until Saturday night



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