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Puppy Packages including Vaccination Course

Beagle puppy

Puppy vaccination packages for puppies under 16 weeks of age

We have put together a package of everything that you need for your new puppy.

Full vaccination course (does not include kennel cough), free health check, dose of flea treatment, dose of worming treatment and free microchip. £50.00
Additional optional 16 week Parvovirus 'top-up' recommended


When to vaccinate your puppy

Routine puppy vaccinations will protect your puppy against: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis. All of these diseases can prove fatal or leave your dog with serious health complications. Your puppy should not go out into public places until 1 week after the second vaccination.

From 7 weeks of age your puppy can be given their first vaccination. At this time you puppy will be given a free health check.

The second vaccination will be given 3-4 weeks later (puppy will need to be over 11 weeks of age when this is given).

At 16-20 weeks we strongly advise an additional Parvo vaccination. Parvovirus has been an issue in the Swindon area over recent years, and this third vaccination is recommended. Parvovirus is a particularly virulent virus and is often fatal.

Booster Vaccinations are given annually, a year from the date of the second vaccination. This is a single injection. Your dog will receive a full health examination when they visit for their annual booster vaccination.

Kennel Cough vaccination can be given from 6 weeks of age. Dogs do not have to have been in kennels to catch Kennel Cough, which is a disease that unsurprisingly, causes severe respiratory signs, especially a harsh cough. This vaccination is ‘dropped’ down the dog’s nose. Although this disease is very rarely life-threatening, we would suggest that all dogs receive this vaccination.

Rabies vaccinations are given to dogs that are travelling outside the UK for holidays. Please ask a member of staff for details or visit

Microchipping & Insurance for puppies

Microchipping will become compulsory in 2016 and so it is the perfect time to have this done free of charge. We would also recommend continuing with Pet Insurance after the initial free 4 weeks.

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