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Eastcott Vets Prices

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Prices for common veterinary procedures and operations

Please note that our prices are specific to the level and standard of care that we provide at Eastcott Vets, they cannot be used as a like for like comparison with other vets as our procedures will not be the same.

Please click on an item in the menu to view our prices and what is included

Dog & Puppy Vaccinations

Dog annual booster vaccination & free health check - For dogs who are up to date with vaccinations

Dog primary vaccinations & free health check - For dogs whose vaccinations have lapsed or history is unknown

Puppy Packages include a vaccination course, free insurance, flea treatment, worm treatment and microchip

Cat & Kitten Vaccinations

Cat annual booster vaccinations & free health check
Cat primary vaccination course - For cats whose vaccinations have lapsed or history is unknown
Kitten Packages includes vaccination course & free 4 weeks of insurance, free flea and worm treatment and free microchip
Kitten Early Neutering Package includes vaccination course & fee 4 weeks of insurance, free flea and worm treatment, free microchip AND neuter
Puppy & kitten health check for those too young to vaccinate - FREE


Standard consultation fees during weekday and weekend opening hours
Emergency consultation fees outside weekday and weekend opening hours

Operations/Surgical Procedures

Bitch Spay including Laparoscopic or 'Lap Spay'
Male Dog Neuter (Castrate)
Early Neutering Package for Cats includes vaccinations, neuter, microchip, flea & worm treatment & 4 weeks insurance cover (male and female cats)
Cat Spay (female cat neuter)
Cat Castrate (male cat neuter)


Standard Microchipping
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