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Pet Insurance Advice

Insuring your Pet

Veterinary medicine, like human medicine has become increasingly sophisticated. The inevitable negative of these medical and surgical advances is their cost.

Pet insurance can help towards the cost of your veterinary bills, providing peace of mind for you and ensuring the best veterinary care for your pet when the need arises.

When to take out a Pet Insurance Policy

The same rules apply to buying a pet policy as your own health insurance policy - buy it when your pet is young and healthy and there are no existing conditions to report. Read the small print carefully and take particular notice of the terms and conditions that will explain what is and what is not covered together with the excess payments that are required.

What is covered by pet insurance?

In general, diagnosis and treatment for any accident, injury, or illness, will be covered by the policy. However pre-existing conditions (conditions that you had before insurance was taken out) will almost certainly be excluded. Routine and preventive care will be excluded together with any treatment classed as "cosmetic". Some policies include Third Party Liability, this is an important benefit to protect pet owners against legal action if their pet causes damage or injury. Other benefits such as advertising and rewards should your pet go missing, complementary treatment, and holiday cancellation insurance (should your pet become ill) can be added to your cover.

Choosing a Lifetime or ‘Covered for Life’ policy means that your pet will be covered for an ongoing condition for its entire life providing that you renew your policy each year without any break in cover. This avoids certain conditions being excluded after one policy year which can be the case with other policy types.

Premium Level Pet Insurance

As with most types of insurance premiums will vary according to risk. A valuable and highly bred pedigree may command a much higher premium than a mixed breed. The size and age of your pet will influence your premium and excess amount.

How to make a claim using our Free Direct Insurance Claims Service

We can make claims to selected insurance companies for direct settlement to us. We hope that by doing this we can take away some of the stress from you when a claim has to be made. 

For this Free Service, please ensure that you:

Free Direct Insurance Claims Service
taking the headache out of insurance claims
  • Present reception with your policy documentation if you wish to start a direct claim
  • Call your insurers immediately an  ask them to send you a claim form
  • Pay the appropriate excess
  • Provide additional claim forms within seven days of them being requested by us
  • Settle any account that is unpaid or part unpaid by your insurer within seven days of settlement or rejection of the claim by your insurer

There are a number of insurance companies from whom we will not claim from directly. These currently include: Ultimate Pet Partners, Green Insurance Company, Kwik Fit, Paws and Claws, Purely Pets, Legal and General, Saga, AA, Caravan Club, Pet Pals, Vetsure, Admiral, The Insurance Emporium, Pet Wise, Equine and Livestock (E+L) and

If you have a pet insured through these companies or any company with Ultimate Pet in the paperwork, payment will be required at the time of treatment. This can then claimed back from insurers. We will need to compete the Vet Section of insurance forms and there will be no charge for this service.Please check with our Client Care team whether your insurers are accepted. 

Please Note:

Acceptance of a claim form by us is not confirmation that the claim will be paid by your Insurer. If you have any queries relating to the validity of your claim please contact your Insurer directly.

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