Eastcott Vets Pet Health Club

What the Pet Health Club offers

Save up to 25% on your pet's preventative healthcare and spread the cost with convenient monthly payments

Within your price plan you will receive:

  • Your pet's annual vaccination
  • A year’s worth of prescription flea control
  • A year’s worth of prescription worm control

In addition, there are many other advantages

What are the Advantages of being an Eastcott Vets Pet Health Club Member?

The Pet Health Club is a way making your routine pet care costs more manageable whilst also taking advantage of substantial discounts that are exclusively available to Pet Health Club members.

Members are entitled to the following as part of their package:

  • Pet food at wholesaler's cost price - this includes any food that we can purchase from our wholesaler *does not include prescription foods which are subject to the 5% off offer
  • 5% off prescription food
  • 10% off neutering (including key hole/laparoscopy)
  • Nail clipping in the Nurses' clinic
  • Microchipping
  • Examination with a Nurse 6 months after vaccination, includes weight and dental checks
  • Once 8 years old the Nurse examination will include will include FREE urinalysis and blood pressure checks, plus an additional 30% off any blood tests that may result from the 6 monthly check

How Much Does the Pet Health Club Cost?

Monthly payments are made using a Direct Debit. Cost varies according to the size of your pet and varies from £9.99 for a very small dog, £11.99 for a cat and £22.50 for a very large dog.

How to Sign Up

Bassett and catYou can sign up for membership anytime. You can visit reception, you may require help to ensure that you choose the correct plan for the size of your pet - particularly if you have a puppy that may be small at the time of taking out membership but may be quite large after a year. Alternatively you can download the form below.

Eastcott Vets Pet Health Club Application Form

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