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Dog Vaccinations at Eastcott Vets

Vaccinations for dogs protect their health

Today's dog vaccinations have helped dramatically reduce the number of cases of common (and often fatal) infectious diseases. For that reason, it's easy to assume such conditions have been eradicated or are no longer a threat. This is not the case at all, and it's the very reason that dog vaccinations are vital to protect dogs. Having the correct and properly timed vaccinations for dogs will ensure protection from such cases.   

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Dog Vaccinations - how they work

The type of vaccines Eastcott Vets recommend will be based on your dog's lifestyle, risk factors and current guidance. Modern vaccines give protection to multiple diseases with just one or two injections.

The vaccines for dog vaccinations contain harmless (either weakened or dead) variants of viruses and other infectious agents. When a dog is vaccinated, the immune system responds by generating a protective mechanism by forming antibodies. If your dog becomes exposed to the actual disease later, those antibodies will prevent the disease from developing further.


Diseases that Dog Vaccinations help prevent

  • Parvovirus

  • Leptospirosis

  • Distemper

  • Canine Infectious Hepatitis


Vaccinations for Puppies

The primary vaccination course for puppies helps to overcome the remaining antibody protection that they still have from their mothers. The first vaccination is usually given at eight weeks old, followed by a second two to four weeks later (no earlier than 10 weeks old), allowing for an early socialisation programme. At the second puppy vaccination appointment, we will provide you with your certificate of vaccination.

Annual boosters need to be taken to make sure immunity remains effective.

A full health check is booked for every dog and puppy that is having a vaccination to ensure that they are in good health before giving the injection.


Booster Vaccinations for Dogs

Dog vaccinations don't give lifelong immunity from diseases, so regular dog booster vaccinations are recommended. If your dog is registered with us, we can send your reminders for when they are due, helping you to stay on top of your dog's healthcare. It is also a good opportunity for your dog to have a full health check at the same time.


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