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Eastcott Vets Raw Food Policy

Information for owners who feed their pets raw food

At Eastcott, we fully respect the rights of owners to choose a diet that they feel is best suited to their pet, and for some individuals this may be a raw diet. As a veterinary hospital seeking to maintain the highest standards of infection control, we are constantly reviewing the scientific literature surrounding this topic.

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that dogs fed a raw diet have an increased risk of acquiring and shedding various bacterial infections that could pose a danger to other patients and the people looking after them. For this reason, we do not feed raw food to any of our patients whilst they are hospitalised. However, for pets with dietary intolerances, we are happy to feed their usual diets as provided by their owners, but we ask that this food is cooked first before being brought into the practice.

Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation which allows us to minimise any infection risk and to protect sick and immuno-compromised pets within the hospital. 

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