Veterinary Graduate Clinician (GC) Role

Eastcott Vets has made a commitment to help with the development of Graduate Clinicians (GCs) in the early stages of their careers. 

The role is for new graduates on a 1 year contract who may initially require help, support and training but as their experience develops the need for this will reduce. There are expectations for a GC’s development based on their PDP and an in-house training matrix. Each GC is assigned a vet as a mentor.

The GC role is not an internship and they are all first opinion vets in their own right dealing with their own cases within the constraints of their skillset and experience. Cases that are outside of their current knowledge or abilities will be referred internally to an appropriate clinician but the GC may well stay involved in the case to aid their development.

The graduate clinician role was developed as an extra tier to the veterinary team. It provides us with a number of excellent benefits:

  • Weekend consulting and support
  • Early morning in-patient checks on owner updates
  • Addition support during the day
  • Afternoon and evening consulting

Current GC vacancies - Start date July/August 2019

The Role (this will vary according to the number of GCs taken on each year and the annual requirements of the team)
There are 3 shifts within the role 2 weekday shifts (early/late) and one weekend shift  (morning and afternoon consultations on Saturday and Sunday). The weekend commitment is every 3rd week. There is a weekday off every week and 2 weekdays off after the weekend shifts.

7am – 5 pm 

  1. Check in-patients: write notes, make initial contact with owners to give brief update and price all fees for the day on the assumption that the patient will be staying a further 24 hours. If this is not the case then the charges will be amended later by the case vet. Attend rounds and in-patient handover.
  2. Perform any procedures to help with the smooth running of the ops list. Help with / scrub in on any procedures as required.
  3. Afternoon surgery from 12.30pm-3pm
  4. Complete outstanding tasks and finish at 3pm

10.30am – 8pm

  1. From 11.30am check in with the SM or Nursing clinical leads to ascertain the work for the day. Perform procedures and investigations as required on the operations list.
  2. Chair rounds at 3.15pm. Ensure all patients are assigned a case vet for the following day. Ensure a treatment / diagnostic plan is in place and clear on the clinical record of the in patients
  3. Evening surgery 3.30pm-7.30pm
  4. From 7.30pm ensure you are familiar with all the first opinion cases in the hospital as most days you will be on an early shift the following day.

Weekend Duties
Saturday morning surgery at our Bath Road Clinic from 8.30am to 12.30pm. There are no requirements for routine in-patient checks at the weekend.

Bank Holidays
There is no requirement to work bank holidays.

Night Duties
There are no night duties on the rota. However there is a possibility of swapping weeks of night duties with an intern (who would work your first opinion shifts). This may prove beneficial for both parties. Given our opening hours there is still excellent exposure to emergency cases

Current GC vacancies - Start date July/August 2019

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