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How to use Online Booking

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This tutorial shows how to obtain a password in order to use the online booking system. The steps are from the link in the booster reminder.


This tutorial follows on from Part 1 above, and shows how to set a password and book an appointment.

This tutorial is Part 1 and 2 combined, showing users how to request a password, set a password, and book an appointment.

New to the practice please use this link if your pet has never been seen by us before.

Already visited the practice please use this button if you are a registered client, but you have not used online booking before.

Returning online user please use this link if you have used online booking previously.


  • I have selected the 'Already visited the practice' option and I have not received an email to set up a password log in. If you have not received an email, there may be a problem with the registered email address that we have for you on our system. Please phone our Client Care Team on 01793 528341 to check that the email address that we have for you
  • I have registered for online booking previously but I have forgotten my password. Please go to the login page and ask for a password reset. A password reset link will be sent to you
  • I have tried to register but my details are not recognised Try to enter just the first 3 letters of your pet's name.  and check that you have entered the correct phone number. If this doesn't work, please contact our Client Care team to ensure that the details that we have held for you are correct including any spellings
  • I have booked an appointment and I need to change or cancel it Cancellations can only be made by phone, please contact our Client Care Team on 01793 528341. A new appointment can be made for you can be made for you at the same time


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