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Notes when booking

Please phone for an appointment if you have an emergency (accident, breathing issues, blood loss, collapse, or bloat, male cat unable to pass urine, ingestion of toxins)

Please book a separate appointment per pet

If you think that your pet may have something infectious (kennel cough or similar), please report to reception before bringing your pet in

Please phone 01793 528341 if you need to cancel an appointment

It is not possible to book routine operations online

Please phone for an appointment if you are moving to us from another vet


Online Booking for Edison Park Vets Clinic

Booking your pet at a vets is made easy with Eastcott Vets Edison Park Vets Clinic and Hospital.Edison Park Clinic and Hospital Online Booking

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Call 01793 528 341 first so we can transfer your pet's records and care history before registering you at Eastcott Vets Swindon.

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